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National Schools Partnership – Re-think It

Re-think It

The Digital Learning Agency produced a set of two interactive games/ learning resources based around re-thinking the means of energy saving in the home and working towards more sustainable and energy efficient living.

The games were designed to be housed within the B&Q Job Done microsite, an in-school initiative which focuses on energy efficiency and its place in the KS2/3 curriculum.

The first game takes you through each room of the house and allows you to play in Explore or Challenge mode. Explore mode lets you switch various in-house appliances on and off to see what gives the most energy-efficient results, and Challenge mode is designed to test the knowledge you have built up from Explore mode with a series of ‘go find’ challenges.

The second game focuses more on the building itself rather than the contents, i.e. glazing, cavity insulation etc. and leads the participants through a series of options to build up their home. Participants are encouraged to enter the competition on completion, with the first prize being a visit to the winning school from Ellen MacArthur, DBE.

Engaging a teenage audience

Using asymmetric rendering and complete Adobe Flash development to create the two games gave a deeply interactive experience.

Information was kept succinct and summarised, and sound effects were introduced to keep participants’ attention throughout the game. All elements within the games which were expected to be clickable*, were made interactive and offered a reward – be it light, animation or sound.

*As found in research study carried out at Thornton Grammar School, Bradford.

by admintdla
16 May 2011



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