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About Us

We’re experts in using digital channels to facilitate learning by enthralling, enlightening and engaging. Because we have vast experience working with the education sector, we understand key stages, the curriculum, and what makes learning fun and effective in the digital arena. Yes, we’re great users of technology and creativity…but only when they make a difference to the learning experience, not for the

BAFTA Nomineesake of it. We also know how education-focused organisations operate which is why we’ve adopted processes that mirror yours and make the development process easier. We love to think up ingenious new ways to make content interesting. Our staff have produced work which has been twice nominated for a BAFTA award for online projects and received a Gulbenkian Silver award for a pioneering museum touch screen system.


Having worked on many education projects over the years we know what works and the pitfalls to avoid. The various web compliance standards can seem complicated at first raising questions like ‘must CSS2, XHTML compliant, conform to DDA ‘AA’ standards’ perform structured usability testing… We can take these problems away from you giving you freedom to focus on what you need to deliver.

We’ve found it pays to try and consider the full life cycle of any web based project and build in a level of future proofing. Who know what technologies will be available in years to come but well structured information is easy to work with as a project develops over time.

Make it fun

Our aim is not only to deliver fun and engaging content but make the whole process of design, construction and testing an enjoyable one. We believe this is the best way to make a project come to life and be the best it can be.

We all want to enjoy our work and feel we’re doing the best we can. We want people to notice the details, the little things that were not really necessary but lift a project to being something special. Often our most successful projects are the ones we’ve loved to work on.

Rich interactive content

Sometimes called ‘Sticky’ content this area of our expertise should engage visitors on a level and keep them on your website. We love interesting diversions from routine and that’s what interactive content can deliver when done properly. Whether it’s a game, video, puzzle, rich virtual experience or just a piece of high tech whizzy fun – it should engage. If people like it, they’ll use it, talk about it and tell other people therefore bringing you more traffic and ultimately brand awareness. And of course as with almost anything online we can also track how it’s being used and where traffic is coming from.

Website design and build

However good your planning, build or analytics unless the final product engages the end-user there is little point starting. That is where our creative team comes in. Whether we are putting together an email, a website or a simple button or graphic we always ensure it is designed to do the job and appeals to the target market. A lot of people will argue that creative is subjective. We think differently. We feel that with our vast experience in communicating a vast array of products to markets all over the world, we can remove that element of personal opinion. Good, thought through design works, it’s as simple as that.

Of course we want your project to look beautiful. But it’s just as important that the functionality and programming that underpins this is just as well structured. We will take as much care to ensure that the bits you can’t see are well structured and follow best practice and perfect for effective search.

Content Management Software

So we’ve built your website, you’re happy with the content and we’ve gone live. Great! We’re keen for a long term working relationship but we really don’t want you to feel stuck with us for those small changes that you need to make each and every day to your website. That’s where our content management system comes in handy.
As well as developing fantastic websites and great marketing work, we’ve also got a great team of techies who have built our powerful Content Management System allowing you full control over your website. If you can use Microsoft Word then you can manage your own website.

But what about all this clever formatting stuff and the design? We’ve taken all that into consideration and have developed the system so it takes care of the design and layout leaving you to simply update and change the content.

Stats, reports and analysis

Web agencies deliver results don’t they? well, I suppose so. anyone can plug in Google analytics and show you how many visitors you get each month to your website. Anyone can send out some nice emails for you and tell you how many people opened the email and clicked through to your website. That’s showing results isn’t it?

Not really. We know about the results that matter and with any of our services we’re keen to prove to you that you’re getting the results you need. Regardless of the work we undertake from you, we’ll report regularly and openly on the figures that matter so you know you’re getting value for money. and once we’ve established that we can start to drive traffic in the right direction to get the most out of your online project.