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Exploring history with The British Library

Events in timelines can be compared against one another to give great insight and answer questions such as ‘who was in government when Queen Victoria came to the throne?’

Although the application is designed to be used by anyone, it will have particular relevance in education. The concept and user interface is designed to help chronological understanding. So users will be able to build their own interactive timeline, before saving and printing out for class lessons or homework.

The application was built using Adobe Flash, a well recognised technology; used widely for delivering highly engaging content such as this. Each event has a date, introduction, large image that can be explored in detail, along with a transcript. Many events also feature audio and video content.

We’re particularly pleased with the reaction from early users, who are enjoying the simple and natural interface which makes it so easy to navigate.

We believe the key to engaging users and helping them learn online is to explore exciting and innovative ways to share content. We’re delighted the British Library chose the Digital Learning Agency as a partner in this groundbreaking application.

by admintdla
2 Feb 2010



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