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Creating an interactive timeline through history for the British Library

The project in its purest form is an interactive timeline, which is built and designed by our experienced team to give visitors to the website a chronological understanding of world history.

We’re delighted to be the Agency chosen to develop this exciting project and are confident that it will meet the needs of the History National Curriculum and be a major resource for key stage 3 & 4 students and history teachers.

The finished application will be built using Adobe Flash technology featuring a visually rich 3D environment and look more televisual rather than web based. It will be easy to use and give people access to content they would usually have to spend hours searching for.

The library will have complete control over the content and the flexibility to add, edit and remove timelines as the need to using their existing content management system.

The potential for this interactive timeline model to be used to house information for many other subjects is enormous and one the British Library is keen to explore in time.

by admintdla
21 Apr 2009



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